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USA TODAY: Who are we as a country? Time to decide: Sally Yates

“We the people of the United States” (we are a democratic republic, not a dictatorship) “in order to form a more perfect union” (we are a work in progress dedicated to a noble pursuit) “establish justice” (we revere justice as the cornerstone of our democracy) “insure domestic tranquility” (we prize unity and peace, not divisiveness and discord), “provide for the common defense” (we should never give any foreign adversary reason to question our solidarity) “promote the general welfare” (we care about one another; compassion and decency matter) “and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” (we have a responsibility to protect not just our own generation, but future ones as well).

What kind of country are we? Speak out on our core values: Sally Yates
Stand up and speak out on America’s core founding values. We are not living in ordinary times, and it’s not enough to admire them from afar.

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Areté: The Philosophy Board Game

So, just order this board game. I can't say if it's good or not yet. I've read no reviews and have not played it. But, given the subject I had to order it.

#boardgames #philosophy

Arete: The Philosophy Board Game

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Best New Star Trek: The Orville

I'm calling the winner now. The Orville is a better Star Trek than Star Trek Discovery. The Orville has room to improve, but it's good. It has the elements I loved about the original Star Trek. Each episode starts and ends a story, check. Each episode at least attempts to address a moral/ethical issue, check. It's a sci-fi, yeah check. Discovery just doesn't feel like Star Trek beyond the Klingons, ships, and uniforms. It's missing its soul.

The Orville
From Emmy Award-winning executive producer and creator Seth MacFarlane (FAMILY GUY, “Ted,” “Cosmos: …

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Obama's Final Numbers

The report card is in. Overall, it went pretty well according to the numbers.

Obama’s Final Numbers –
The numbers are nearly all in now. What they show about what really happened during the eight years that Barack Obama was president is sometimes different from what politicians claimed.

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