ASUS TF700T vs Google Nexus 10

There are two top Android tablets the ASUS Transformer TF700T and Google Nexus 10. I’ve waited until the specs came out for the Nexus 10 to decide if I want to purchase a new tablet. I currently own the first Samsung Galaxy 10.1 (16GB). The Galaxy 10.1 is great for what I thought I’d be using it for (reading books and general web surfing), but I’m running out of local storage space. It turns out that playing the newest games and keeping much of your music local requires more storage capacity. I probably should have went with the 32GB to start and I’d not have any issues. I’m also a little disappointed that Samsung will not be updating the OS past Android 4.0. Given the primary issue, I was really hoping for the Nexus 10 to come with a Micro SD slot and HDMI. If the Nexus came with both it would have been hands down the Nexus, but it’s only coming with the HDMI. So, I broke down the specs to what was important to me and rated each based purely on my options and desires for an Android tablet.

TF700T vs Nexus 10

A front facing camera is really the only camera requirement. Who takes pictures with at 10″ tablet? At this point 32GB seems like enough, but I still need to do some math to be sure. Unless I later decide 32GB is not enough, it looks like the Nexus 10 is the winner even lacking the Micro SD. I really wish it had Micro SD, but it can’t be the only deciding factor and 32GB “should” be enough. I would buy a Nexus 10 64GB if it was an option.

I’ll likely install CyanogenMod on the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 once version 10 goes stable. I’ll be sure to post how that goes.

I’m left with one question. Why not include Micro SD? I’ve seen several newer devices lately that just drop Micro SD. Anyone know why? I’ve yet to find a good explanation.

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