Star Wars Risk: The Black Series

After being turned off to this game; due to the word Risk in the title, I picked the game up. The upgraded components that come with the Black Series are nice. The game is not Risk; thanks Google+ Board Game community for pointing this out. It's a fun lightweight game that's accessible enough for my six year old. Overall a good game.


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It's really a 2 player game – and there are three different games going on at once. The first is the battle of fleets in the center. Then the Rebels are fighting to get through Endor and disable the shields on the right. On the left is the epic struggle between the Emperor/Vader and Luke.

Each player decides on their turn which bits their going to focus on. Killing the Emperor/Vader (or turning Vader) gives the Rebellion a boost in extra cards. The same goes for taking out Luke for the Empire.

The Imperial fleet is basically endless while the Rebels have a limited number of ships that can be taken out by both TIE's, the Star Destroyer or the Death Star.

So it's a race for the Rebels to disable the shield generator and take down the Death Star while the Imperial forces are trying to take out each and every last Rebel ship.

All that in about 45 minutes. It's pretty sweet.