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Higher functioning people with autism are more likely to be atheists

No surprise here. Other studies found IQ linked to liberalism, atheism, and male sexual exclusivity. See

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Atheism as mental deviance | Gene Expression | Discover Magazine
Religion | Atheism | Tyler Cowen points me to a PDF, Religious Belief Systems of Persons with High Functioning Autism, which has some fascinating results on the religiosity (or lack

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Profiling Your Email

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Old, funny, and slightly true. – What does your email address say about your computer skills?

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Moving To Google Plus

I don’t blog much as it is, facebook has been useful for staying in contact with family, but I’ve been concerned about their privacy from day one. Recently facebook has added more privacy options, similar to Google+, however it’s still lacking in comparison. Google+ is much easier to use and offers better customization. It also seems to me that the Google+ public circle offers a nice way to blog. At some point I’ll be moving fully to a wiki format at linuxsmith, which better suits my use.

In short, Join me on Google Plus.