Bazaar vs. Mercurial Part Deux

Conclusion (for me): Mercurial (hg)

The killer application for managing my projects is Trac and Hg worked fairly well with it. I installed Trac 0.12dev with Multiple Repository Support and the mercurial-plugin-0.12, converted my Subversion repository, and it pretty much worked as expected. A Bazaar plugin exists trac-bzr, but it appears that it doesn’t work with bzr >= 1.6, suffers performance issues, and isn’t supported by the experimental Trac 0.12dev with multiple repository support. Therefore, the choice become obvious pretty quickly.

Bazaar vs. Mercurial

I did my own comparison of the latest versions of Bazaar (bzr) and Mercurial (hg). I ran the comparison on Ubuntu 8.10 ( Linux lappy 2.6.27-7-generic #1 SMP Tue Nov 4 19:33:20 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux) and used Django trunk checkout as my test repository. I looked at two aspects, speed and storage consumption. I was inspired by DSCM Benchmarks, which compared Baazar, Git, and Mercurial. This was certainly not a good test of how each scales with an extensive revision history; maybe next time, but for my small projects this seems a decent comparison.

Python Editors

I discovered a new editor: Editra. It looks as if it has some nice potential. It’s written in Python, but it’s not just a Python editor. It’s currently alpha, but seems to work well in the brief time I tried it out.

Others I have used are, Wing IDE, which is likely the best for Python programming and SPE IDE.

Yes, We Can.