Foxit eSlick vs. Sony PRS505

I’ve been looking at e-readers and have it down to the upcoming Foxit eSlick and Sony PRS505. I simply ruled out’s Kindle due to the potential vendor lock on my reading material. Really what I want is a portable PDF viewer, other formats would be nice but not required. If I can just connect the device to the computer, have it recognized as a USB mass storage device, then copy my PDFs over that would be just swell. The readers at iRex look good also but expensive.

Mercurial 1.1 released!

Mercurial (hg) releases version 1.1, which includes Python 2.6 compatibility, a new repository format, and the web interface now has a cool graph. More in the Release Notes.

Bazaar vs. Mercurial Part Deux

Conclusion (for me): Mercurial (hg)

The killer application for managing my projects is Trac and Hg worked fairly well with it. I installed Trac 0.12dev with Multiple Repository Support and the mercurial-plugin-0.12, converted my Subversion repository, and it pretty much worked as expected. A Bazaar plugin exists trac-bzr, but it appears that it doesn’t work with bzr >= 1.6, suffers performance issues, and isn’t supported by the experimental Trac 0.12dev with multiple repository support. Therefore, the choice become obvious pretty quickly.

Bazaar vs. Mercurial

I did my own comparison of the latest versions of Bazaar (bzr) and Mercurial (hg). I ran the comparison on Ubuntu 8.10 ( Linux lappy 2.6.27-7-generic #1 SMP Tue Nov 4 19:33:20 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux) and used Django trunk checkout as my test repository. I looked at two aspects, speed and storage consumption. I was inspired by DSCM Benchmarks, which compared Baazar, Git, and Mercurial. This was certainly not a good test of how each scales with an extensive revision history; maybe next time, but for my small projects this seems a decent comparison.