Ubuntu on Dell Inspiron E1505 (On Feisty)

I updated the install howto for Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty). This release of Ubuntu should be the recommended install on the E1505. I’ve had no issues at all so far.

LinuxSmith Linux Compatibility Rating:Good

Ubuntu on Dell Inspiron E1505 (On Edgy)

I updated the install howto for Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy). After the upgrade I experienced issues the “CPU soft lock” on boot, which prevented booting about 60% of the time. This is resolved by disabling the Intel Dual Core feature in the BIOS. Not sure how much the extra core helped my performance anyway. Otherwise, Edgy appears to work better on this laptop than Dapper did. On Dapper I found that the sound device failed about 25% of the time on boot and left me without sound; Edgy does not have this issue. The USplash issue is also resolved with Edgy. If you have the Intel Dual Core version of this laptop, disable it until the next release and it will work just fine.

LinuxSmith Linux Compatibility Rating:Good

Ubuntu on Dell Inspiron E1505

The Toshiba Satelite P25-S676 died on me; it’s video card may have over heated. So, I’ve replaced it with a Dell Inspiron E1505, which is working great with the latest release of Ubuntu. There is one major bug that shows up in the forums regarding Dell notebooks, so I addressed this by upgrading the BIOS. I have no idea if this will actually fix it. So far, I’ve had good luck. I’ve added an Installation Howto page.

LinuxSmith Linux Compatibility Rating:Good

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Nokia 770 Internet TabletI picked up one of these a few months ago at CompUSA for $350.00. The Nokia 770 is a product that’s attempting to fill/recreate a new market. It is called an “Internet Tablet” and that is it’s primary purpose. The screen resolution (800×480) is the best I’ve seen in a handheld device; very nice. Internet connection is through a bluetooth phone or via wifi. I have not used the bluetooth feature and have read that it is finicky, however I do use the wifi and I’m happy with it. Browsing the web is much like from a desktop. I’ve had a few issues with flash heavy sites; which can crash it, and there’s no java runtime. If you want a small device to surf the net and check you email via wifi the Nokia 770 is it. However, this is also a geek toy. The OS is based on Debian Linux and various Linux applications have already been ported to it. When I got mine I promptly installed xterm, dropbear-client, dropbear-key, dropbear-server, load-plugin, nannoid, pymaemo-runtime, and vim-tiny. How did I live with out one? 😉

If you get one check out these sites:, Internet Tablet Talk, and Teemu’s Blog

LinuxSmith Linux Compatibility Rating: Excellent