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Nice summary of Stoicism.


Stoic Compass
On travelling & philosophy

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Stoicism & Board Games

Interesting take on two of my prime occupations. We could swap the word "Board Games" with many recreational activities and the article would still stand.

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What Board Games Teach us about the Stoic Life
Experienced ball players can also be seen to act in such a way. None of them is concerned about whether the ball is good or bad, but solely about how to throw and catch it… Now, Socrates cer…

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Stoicism & Emotion

I share this not because of the Trump issues raised. The author's position on Stoicism and it's response to emotion that struck me. This is certainly not a new criticism. The author seems to associate Stoicism with disengagement. One need only read history to see that Stoics have been engaged in all areas of society; politics being the most relavent here.

A Cambridge philosopher explains what we should do to resist Donald Trump
In troubled political times, we need to let our emotions guide us to action.

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How would the Stoics cope today?

Nice article on the relevance of Stoicism today by Ryan Holiday. I personally don't recommend Ryan Holiday's books on the subject. Go to the original sources, of course. Beyond those I suggest starting with Stoicism by John Sellars and Stoicism and the Art of Happiness by Donald Robertson.


How would the Stoics cope today? | Ryan Holiday | Life and style | The Guardian

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